LeBron James…and his fame

10 Jul

With all the hype that has been floating around the head of Lebron James.  He even had a two hour special on television about two nights ago over his decision over what team he was going to transfer to. On the news, he was the height of topic, and even Betty White tried to entice him to stay on his original team….

Well, for awhile all the predictions ranged between Chicago, Boston, and even surprisingly Los Angeles, and even people said Cleveland, he’ll stay with his team, etc, until one day my friend brought up Miami.

He said, “I predict it will be Miami because Wade and Bosh are there.” It was something to consider. Sure enough, the prediction came true.

The hype around James to me is not only overboard, it’s making me realize just how much sports can be a religion. I mean, it’s not like players don’t change teams all the time. James is a good player somewhat, but he’s not all that to have all of these “college-like” parties. I suppose the Miami Heat is happy as it gives them extra Kudos and attention…but it’s a little much.


We still don’t know how well he will play with the Heats yet.

I think everyone forgot about that part. It’s not always just one player that makes a game successful, but the people on his team and the gameplay as well.

Amongst all the hype, disappointment with the rest of America came. Of course, now that he is the “enemy” with the rest of America, he is no longer a valuable player, but an arrogant soul who deserted his team and didn’t stay with one franchise.

LeBron Hate from Cleveland

After this, many Clevelanders who respected him, no longer have ANY respect for him after his showy display of egotism.

But is this anything new? This was to be expected. When one moves from another team, there is a reason. And his choices in behavior…well, shows just what he thought about his old team.


5 Responses to “LeBron James…and his fame”

  1. Will S. 2010/07/10 at 19:41 #

    For Your Enjoyment

    LeBron, Sports Rage, & the Reason We Care



  2. tophatal 2010/07/11 at 05:43 #


    LeBron anointed himself a King but where’s his kingdom and subjects ?

    James and ESPN bilked this story for all it was worth. As a journalist Jim Gray much like Larry King fawns over their interviewees. Anymore of that and I thought we’d have had a Brokeback Mountain moment !

    This has more to do with LeBron’s image more than anything else.


    Alan ……….


    • generationnext 2010/07/17 at 08:55 #

      LOL He betrayed his real kingdom for a new one.


      • tophatal 2010/07/17 at 18:39 #


        There was never really a betrayal insomuch that there was complete naivete shown by the Cavaliers’ front office . Owner Dan Gilbert said at the time there’d be no need to consult the player over who they’ll seek to replace Mike Brown as the next coach . Way to make your star player feel wanted.

        Do you think that the Lakers would’ve treated Kobe like that had Phil Jackson left the team and retired ?

        Gilbert since then has shown how infantile he really is and at the end of the day he’s simply a whining little bi_ch !


        Alan ………….. 🙂


  3. tophatal 2010/07/17 at 18:42 #

    Hopefully you’ll love this Paul Mooney skit ?


    Alan … aka tophatal …… 🙂


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