Bratz 2010 Newz! Back and Better than EVER!

7 Jul

Bratz Party Sasha and Cloe

These 2010 Bratz dolls are awesome! Just when some people were in fear of the Bratz not being as edgy or outrageous and taking risks like the old Bratz, Bratz Party line was revealed! It really seems MGAE is giving a bit of all the Bratz flavor, from the urban hip-hop wear from the year 2001, to the diversity and beautiful styles of 2002-2003, to the funky, risky, and ecclectic fashions in 2004 and 2005! This is all of what I’m looking for!

Of course, one problem is still the feet. They do look a tad bit smaller, now that I analyze them a little more. I’m kind of getting the sinking feeling that they are trying to compete with the LIV dolls. Even the Moxie Teenz have disappointed me in becoming LIV. Are those dolls really that popular?

I mean, I have had the pleasure of seeing them up close. While the new Moxie Girlz are very cute, though nothing on the Bratz, LIV is only cute in the face. That’s where it ends. The clothes are cheap looking, average, unoriginal….just plain boring. Not a doll collection I’m into. They remind me too heavily of Diva Starz and Barbie and Lisa Frank.

They are too flowery. Talk about a doll collection that lacks edge, it definitely has to be LIV dolls. And Monster High…that’s a pathetic attempt to be edgy. Way to go Mattel at failing with your “Bratz” dolls. They should stick with Myscene. At least it can go past one line. Monster High doesn’t look like it can last past one outfit for each girl….I can see them having the same fate as Flavas….

Yea, but LIV dolls have weird looking bodies. And they say Bratz lacks articulation now. To me, Moxie Girlz even did a better job than LIV at attempting posable bodies. LIV have big heads and faces, long bodies and small feet…not very attractive for me. I knew when I saw them I wouldn’t be collecting them. They don’t stand out to me that much. They look like Mystikats, Zodiac Girlz, and Lisa Frank. Nothing special.

But the Bratz…they are original. Their fashions are hard to imitate because they take fashion risks. The Bratz get their ideas from the urban hip-hop and cutting edge runways, rather than looking at the mainstream pop culture and all the bubblegum looks with all the juicy colors. That’s what turned me off from Moxie Girlz originally…They were just too darn colorful. They were tacky, wacky, and cheesy. The eyes and hair and face were cute, but lacked any individual style, originality, and creativity. Their fashions were also too childish for my tastes, but I didn’t care about that because I knew it was mostly directed to little kids. Bratz have always been way ahead of other dolls in high-style fashion and trends, they’ve always been original and creative with their approach in fashion, and they just look like time and care was taken into the doll, even though it is for kids.

Some companies think that just because something is directed to kids that it doesn’t matter the quality or how it’s made and that kids will like it anyway…that is SO not true. Kids know good quality when they see it sometimes…especially when the material of the clothes keep tearing every time they play with them. And they are especially attracted to pretty and lavish, like they see on TV and internet.

Bratz have it all, for pretty much all ages. They are pretty, stylish, diverse in their fashion and trends, diverse in ethnicity, and just completely risky and creative. They are everything a fashion doll can and should be…Not to mention, with all the movies giving the Bratz personality, their personalities are not very cliche, like you would see with LIV dolls. LIV personalities remind me of Diva Starz. Bratz are more unique and sassy, making them appealing.

Well, the only downside is they’re not exactly “parent-material”…but just about any fashion doll can be a bad influence on children, especially if the dolls are representing teenagers. Kids want to be like their “older siblings”, which is natural. “Soccer moms” should really observe their older daughters and their styles. Bratz is a mirror into what your teens are wearing. So if you want to “improve” Bratz fashion, monitor what your teens are wearing, and raise them not to like pop culture.

Bratz Party Jade and Yasmin


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