Remembering Michael Jackson this Weekend…

28 Jun

Just remembering the Memorial of Michael Jackson today, and remembering how great of an artist he was. He has officially been gone for one year and a day. And though he is gone in body form, his music and talent lives on. I just hope it can make an impression on this generation, who seems to feel that anyone can get famous without hard work, talent, and skill. In a generation that uses technology to gloss over their imperfections rather than working hard so that they can allow their imperfections to become strengths, they can’t imagine the hard work MJ put into his music and performances to make it magical for everyone.This generation believes in getting something for nothing.

I’m not interested in his personal life, as you all know I am into professional career. I care more about how they do the work, and whether they do a good job. And no matter what people say about him, no one can ever say his music was crap, a rip-off, taking a fart on his listeners, like some artists I’ve mentioned in older entries. He used his real voice, he knew how to use his voice, at the same time entertain his audience with amazing dancing skills. His performance could never be compared to any artist, but even if you didn’t watch him, just hearing him sing was amazing. You could enjoy your cassette/record/CD on a quiet day at home, or attend a live concert and enjoy the complex dance steps, and breath-taking stage and lights. He offered anything a musician could offer.

Not to mention he donated to so many charities, wrote so many novels, biographies, and autobiographies had his time to shine in TV shows, cartoons, and movies. Not to even mention the many awards he won, and the many important people he met. So I’m going to dedicate this post to the King of Pop.

This song was funky tune about the feeling of love and making love…a kind of party tune. If you look at the music video it looks like a force is pulling those balls here and there…

This song is also a party tune. But it’s a slower jam, kind of a cool off period in a party. It’s also about how music brings people together.

This song is another party tune. It’s by the Jacksons, and it’s about how music can make people dance without anyone realizing it. Interesting…This reminds me of a Powerpuff Girls episode called “Blame it on the Boogie” for all you Generation Nexters….

This song came after the Jacksons traveled the world. They became more open-minded after all of those experiences. This song is about peace and harmony in the world, and trying to love and understand one another, despite our outer differences, and learning that people are naturally not that different on the inside. We all have the same color blood. The video has rainbows, things in nature that everyone can enjoy, and references to the vast universe that all of us share.

The Wiz was a movie that was made from the Wizard of Oz that was meant to enter more African pride in the movie. Of course, some things were different from the original. Some elements were much more adult and modern. This song is about people not necessarily attacking you physically, but attacking one’s insecurities so that they won’t better themselves. The scarecrow wouldn’t move because he felt less worthy because the crows made him feel too dumb to do so. Somebody compared the scarecrow to being on a crucifix and being humiliated by the crows, though it’s just rumors.

This song is so sad. MJ said in his Moonwalk Autobiography that this song is actually meant to express a real experience he had. It also is meant to talk about how it was hard for him to find the right girl. MJ was a shy guy. Bold onstage, but timid on a personal note. This is about him learning what real love was just a little too late. It’s about love being more than “she’s mine, and I’m hers” but more like something that continues beyond possession, or beyond having someone to love. Great song, beautifully sang, meaningful lyrics, and passionately performed. A+. Ballads are his favorite songs.

This song is about being careful about choosing lovers, especially for someone in the “celebrity world”. “Lies Become the Truth” is what can happen if you get too involved with lovers in that kind of world. Everyone wanted a piece of MJ back then, and he had to be careful. They wanted his money, wanted to claim him, and they would stop at nothing for that claim. He said he had some people ask him if the name came from Billie Jean King, the famous tennis star at the time. The answer was no. LOL What a controversial world the music industry and celebrity world is. Fame makes people crazy. This video seems to be MJ going around town trying to avoid the paparazzi, who seems to be stalking him to find out everything he’s doing. MJ also improved the life of a homeless man who got love in the end…

MJ wasn’t specifically in this video, but he did sing in the song, which was about a woman who made love torture for a man. A woman who caused only pain and gave no pleasure. The MV seems to be a “spooky” kind of video where the leader, a woman, is in charge of all of these ghouls, from giant eyes, skeletons, etc.

Of course, everyone knows this video. LOL This song is about people always trying to prove how hard they are. This goes back to my last post…And in their attempts to prove their “masculinity” or “dominance” or power, everything has to end in violence. Someone is always trying to argue to prove who’s right and who’s wrong, when really it doesn’t matter, and shouldn’t be taken as far as violence and bloodshed. People always want to fight until their last breath instead of finding a peaceful way to solve a problem. Of course, the MV itself looks like a bunch of thugs who want to fight each other, and have planned this battle in the back of a garage. And MJ seems to be a young kid who lives nearby and hears the violence, or could have been a part of one of the gangs, but was tired of it, tired of trying to fight, and left his home to put an end to it.

The song seems to be about a woman who wants a little space and freedom, but the man doesn’t want her to have TOO much space and freedom or they will grow further a part. The music video is funny. It’s about Paul and MJ playing a con game on people to get some money. They are putting on quite a show for the people, and the demand for them is high. Of course, they get in trouble with the sheriffs for their con games.

This song is about MJ protecting his girl from anything scary, and also expressing how much more thrilling he is compared to the most thrilling scenes, which is true. I would have rather gone to see an MJ concert than see a scary movie. Scary movies are the best time for two lovers to cuddle together, and for girls to feel safe, right ladies? Muhahaha! Okay, obviously this video is about a 1950s movie, that seemed to come true in the 1980s to MJ’s date. He keeps freaking her out, turning into these ghouls. LOL

Are you bad? MJ says if you’re truly bad, you’d be able to make a difference. A truly “bad” person, used in slang terms, mean someone who is untouchable. And to MJ an untouchable person is someone who can stand up to those who oppress others, change the world for the better. He believes all a bad person gets is the rewards of going to prison. This video’s story is about a boy named Darrell who’s mother sent him to a boarding school out of the ghetto hood so he could get a better education. After the term was over, he was forced to return to the hood, where his “bad” friends, who were different from him, took a day to hang with him. Of course, they noticed the difference in their friend, and at first lightly teased him. His friends were obviously less educated and didn’t have as much money, so to prove their worth, they stole off of the streets and picked fights with victims. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Darrell (MJ). His friends began giving him problems, saying he ain’t bad, and well….we have the music video.

Ahh….guys ever want to try this? Maybe when you go to a club, try to get a girl with a song and a dance? LOL Nah, just be yourself. That’s the ticket. MJ constantly has MVs about him being some wimpy kid that can’t seem to hang with the cool and gangsta crowd. He’s just different. This is one of those. He is hanging with this crowd of boys who are very rude, approach women in a rugged, less charming way, and he just isn’t like them, despite his attempt to fit in. The older man he talks to gives him some advice and tells him to be himself. And MJ…well, his best way of getting girls to like him, something he feels confident in, is singing and dancing. And well, it was a much more charming way, a little funny and weird, but cute. And so he got the girl he wanted.

This song is heart-reaching. This song is about MJ realizing that though he is living comfortably, others are not. This song is his realization that in the cold he can bundle up his coat, while others don’t have one. If you have the money, is it wrong to make sure others have? Try to take care of others and give a piece of what you have. People say, “I have to think about me too.” “A selfish kind of love” is that kind of thinking MJ is talking about. We need each other. In such a society where the rich get richer and poor get poorer, better known as capitalism, there needs to be poor. But is such a system right when there are people who are hungry? Money is Evil. That’s my philosophy. In any country, it is. This video shows some of the evils around the world, and the real heroes who tried to make a difference and many were killed, and it’s always the good ones who die. Reminds me of a poem by the Mad Poet aka Melissa Dean called Open Your Eyes, check it out on youtube sometime. One thing the song states is if we want to make the world better, we have to make ourselves better, and look at that person in the mirror.

This is one of my ultimate favorites! I just love it. The song is about a woman, who was also mentioned in several other songs later, who is a prostitute. She loves to sleep with all the stars just for fortune and fame, to gain a carefree life. In this song, she wants MJ. This woman is very good at seducing to get what she wants. And so many famous men get trapped into her web. This reminds me of another webpress blog about people in high places getting prostitutes (mostly politicians, but it’s common among all the rich and famous). When people get money, it’s hard for them to avoid people who want a piece of it. A curse to be poor and unnoticeable, a curse to be rich and famous. The music video is showing a performance of MJ’s, but in the middle of the Perf, Diana shows up, hops her little self into his limo and waits until the show is over.

Another Part of Me is similar to Man in the Mirror. It’s bout coming together and spreading MJ’s message of peace, harmony, and love, and how we are all a part of this planet. So we have to come together and spread this message. This is our planet. If you have a problem, don’t point your finger, do something.

This song can be interpreted in any way. The lyrics are in reference to a criminal who is so smooth in his crimes that there are no clues left behind them. One of his victims is Annie. The name came from the little blond girl in the video. The song is not about a real criminal, but it’s about how smooth a real crescendo from MJ could be. A sharp beat comes in so smooth, that no one knows how it did. The criminal struck the crowd with his beat. They are the victims of his music.

Speed Demon is a machine song, MJ said. The video seems to be about MJ once again being a “smooth criminal”, escaping the fans who are desperate to get an autograph. Even the “police”  (paparazzi) want a hold of him with their “camera guns”. MJ is always on the move, and has to be, in order to give more to his fans…but get away from them too.

Naturally, though everyone wants to be different and original, the real original people hate being so. That was the case with MJ. He was fierce about his privacy, and during the “Stephen Glass” era of media, just about anything could be put into the media without sufficient facts. Of course, nobody recognized it at the time, and to this day, still don’t. Watch Network… MJ was one eccentric dude behind the stage, though what famous person isn’t….but he was so famous, that he was constantly the object of scrutiny. There was not one country he could go to retreat. That meant tabloid monsters and predators could easily get the best of him. And his come back? “Leave Me Alone”. MJ says he gave all his loving and you took it for granted. He tried to be a good person. I guess this is why rich people are so evil. If you are too nice, people talk about you. You almost have to be selfish to get some respect in that kind of “world”. The video reminds me of Gulliver’s Travels. You see the “dogs” building their amusement park all over MJ’s body. Which to me seems to be in reference to paparazzi using him as the object of their amusement.

Liberia is a country in Africa, and MJ loved his African women. He loved romance that was like in a movie. He said he was always fascinated with women and men and they way they interacted. That’s especially evident in Human Nature, another one of his songs. But this video…LOL…he got all of the famous celebrities of the 90s together, I’m assuming to shoot a movie. It was set in Liberia, but they were just reading the lyrics, and the whole time, he was shooting them, while they were waiting for him. Cute.

This song is about melting the ideas of racism and color. Does it matter if we’re black or white? We’re all human, we’re all brothers from the same mother.  This song is about mixing and blending cultures. Everyone is equal. This MV shows a variety of different dances from different parts of the world. It begins with a kid playing his music loudly. Of course, he blasts his father around the world. And then we begin to see all of these dances of the world. Pretty cool.

All for MJ! Enjoy!


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