No Women in/watching World Cup? And No men in tennis or Gymnastics?

17 Jun

This is not another sexism debate. This is just my sadness for not being able to be a part of the fun. As I’m watching the World Cup, I am so excited, that it makes me want to itch to play soccor. And as I was imagining myself at the World Cup, I just realized….what the hall am I talking about? There are no women at the World Cup. Though it’s supposed to be international, not many women sadly get the chance to play. And women don’t support sports that much either to get exposure. If women played people would walk out of the stadium. Most people who watch the World Cup are men.

And I know there’s some women who like the game of soccor, and play it professionally, but do they really get recognition for events like this one? Definitely not. When it comes to women and sports, no one pays attention. The only sport people pay attention to with women is Tennis, ice skating, and the Olympics, which in the same breath ignores men, except the Olympics, which the reason I like the best is because it’s fair. Everyone around the world gets to participate in it. Don’t get me wrong, soccor is still my favorite sport as of last week, but geez when are women going to get their shot of glory? So I can have mine?

Almost half of the world believes women should be indoors bored, cooking and cleaning. They don’t think women can handle aggressive sports or whatever. And men think that women will be petty and get hurt easily. Please. I think women would actually work harder. Look at Suarez in the last game against South Africa….that’s petty.

So, this is just something to think about. And women, why don’t you try a sport or get into one? you should encourage your daughters to try sports. It’s a good outlet for women who need lots of exercise instead of sitting home watching dramas and babies.

Hey, ya know, the only place I saw women were in the performances, like Shakira and Alicia Keys….can’t even say I even saw even that much of men in tennis.

Now one person yelled out at these women, “what are you doing here you should be at home cooking?” I probably would’ve yelled back “what are you doing here? you should be at work working day and night to provide for your family!”

Hey and type in at Google, “Men who play tennis” and you will get…no one fairly known…

Just a thought. I know men are going to be like, “what is this? This girl is ruining the sport for us”. oh well. Just shows who’s the petty ones now :p


4 Responses to “No Women in/watching World Cup? And No men in tennis or Gymnastics?”

  1. vikols 2010/06/17 at 09:13 #

    There are women World Cup, but its not that popular. Though sometimes it is quite exciting to watch.

    PS Some times ago, when I followed women Ice Hockey Olympic games tournament, I had completely different thoughts about women in sports, especially in such physical sports as Ice-hockey! Especially after I saw the result of the qualifying match to the Olympic tournament – Slovakia – Bulgaria 82:0 !!! :)))…petitive-sport/


    • soratothamax 2010/06/17 at 09:23 #

      Thanks. 😉 It’s the same with tennis. Like how many men do you see get recognized in that kind of sport? Not in the US, I know that. Usually they are women. It’s sad it’s not that popular.


  2. vikols 2010/06/17 at 09:15 #

    Sorry, here is the right link to the post with links to the goals from that game 😉


    • soratothamax 2010/06/17 at 09:24 #

      Thanks for the reply and link. 🙂 I don’t mean to ruin the game for everybody, but I’m like really a soccor fanatic. And I’m just thinking of all kinds of crazy soccor ideas! Including the one I posted.


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