The root of All Evil…

16 Jun

After much thought and pondering over the disasters that have been occurring, I’ve been thinking that people are always looking for someone to blame. Of course, I got some ideas from Network as well, the 1976 film if none of you know what I’m talking about. But this entry, which I’ll end up doing frequently, is about the evils in our world that are noticed and go unnoticed. Of course, everyone knows about the oil crises and all of that, but that is only the result of something much larger to me.

The first root of all evil is :

There are no nations, there are no countries….

I posted this up because this “interwoven connections” of business is the root of the problems in this country, and any country on the whole planet. Simple trading didn’t create quite the same stir. Back in the past, you could work to kill an animal, skin it, and what you worked for you got: food. Now you work for….money. Money is paper and ink…no human can eat that. But they take it and walk all the way to the store and trade for it. If you don’t make enough of that piece of paper, you get no food. Back in the past, if you work you get. Now it depends on the TYPE of work. To me, work is work, and that is bullcrap that you work for money instead of the actual item we need.

The reason why things like the “oil spill” happened is because of money. Business was responsible for that, not government. In this country, government and business are separate from one another. Government has no control. Which leads me to this question: so who’s running our country? Why isn’t the government responsible for something that delicate? Because businesses came up with the idea to get the oil in the first place, and what do they want to do with it? Make a “profit” off of it. Yeah, that’s right, money. If the government had taken control, businesses wouldn’t make as much money off of it. That’s how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s more than capitalism. It’s greed.

The greatest forms of technology that is destroying our earth to this day were invented to make some money. Robbery and theft is the result of monetary value: a piece of paper and ink. And it’s the ignorant, less educated ones that feed into this crap. The less educated ones feed into this campaign of “do what you can for your country.” But no. That’s not what business believes. It’s all about the currency. There are no limitations from those nationalistic principles in business.

Not to say people didn’t steal and raid each other back then, which is why I see nothing against a Property Rights Act. But a good system of barter and trade can keep some balance to that. Because you’ll be working and trading for the things you actually need, like maybe somebody grew a garden and is better with lettuce than you are, but you’re better at peppers. You can trade with the person for their lettuce in exchange for your peppers, if they want it. If not, you can eat the lettuce you already grew on your own because you worked hard to do so. You know what I’m going to call that system? BALACISM. These people today are slaving in hard jobs for a piece of paper and ink that still might not be enough for what people need. What is the point of that? How does that make any sense? With this kind of system, it’s no wonder why people rob. It’s the stupidest system ever. And yet, people think it’s genius because it gives one person more supply than another and gives one person all the power. I didn’t know humans owned this world. Did they create planet earth? I don’t think so. So to prevent total chaos and also give equal fair monetary treatment, I say we go back to trading. I say we establish power not by how much money someone makes, but how they proved to us their personality and qualities are worthy to be a good leader and to take charge. To me that means helping all people and making sure they know how to survive in this world without technology and money and taking the lead in showing everybody how.

And here’s my answer to the oil crises:
These people don’t know anything. They are blinded by their “nationalistic accusations” to make any sense. This country is run on a principle that has been going on since the Turn of the 20th Century, it is known as laissez-faire, where government is only allowed to intervene as little as possible. Why? So the businesses can make more money. This country is ruined by the American dollar. People are complaining now, but when government really interferes, everyone will still complain. People complained about gas prices rising, but when businesses tried to find another source to lower prices and messed up, Americans still complained. The Oil Business is not run by the government. There are no nations, no countries with business. Just universal interwoven connections of businesses and trade. If government interferes, captialism will decline. Businesses will not be able to get as rich. Instead of passing the blame on liberals, teabaggers, and government, lets analyze this so called Oil business. The Oil Industry means to tell the American public they sent people out to handle oil on the Gulf without any knowledge on how to handle it or fix it should a backfire happen like this happen? What did these people go to college for? I tell you, we have dummies running America and living in America, and it’s for sale. Look at the people in the comment sections who are confused on who to blame. People have put on their blind folds to the real problem, and have ignored American policies because they are desperate to get something done. Well, you want something done? This is your nation too. So instead of sitting around on your behinds, get up and do something about it. Fix it yourself. Donate, fly down there, bring in your knowledge about the Gulf, wildlife, and how to tame oil. Until you can do that, you’ll just be a bunch of whiny complainers who don’t matter to anyone or American public.

Second Root of all Evil is:

You’re hearing about all this bullying going on within the last two years, and people are trying to prevent it. It’s most common in schools. Take a looksie:

Incidents like this Pheobe Prince issue is sick. And people, yes, want someone to blame. I think those monster kids who did this should get the full punishment. And this retarded “bully expert” had the nerve to say “The bullies don’t deserve punishment, they deserve discipline. This isn’t something abnormal. They shouldn’t be going through this much. This isn’t a real crime” The problem is it’s not. The problem is people are ignoring this. The thing is, they say to tell teachers and staff about bullying, but teachers often go through bullying by the students. I had a teacher who literally cried when she left school because of the constant torment of students. She was ready to give up teaching. She was new. Kids are cruel. And teenagers…no, they aren’t kids. They are little monsters. They are grown adults trying to hide behind their mommys and daddys and parents need to stop defending them. I blame the parents of these kids. They want to blame the school, and ask the school why they didn’t stop it? Where were the parents when the students were on the web bullying her? Who raised these little terrors? Parents need to go back to the “Use the Rod, and beat the child” method, and they need to give teachers permission to do so. I don’t care if you’re 17. Grounded isn’t enough! That’s bull crap. Teenagers don’t care about being grounded anymore. Then they wonder why teachers don’t care anymore. It’s because no one cares about the teachers and their well-being. They have to babysit your snot nose kids, and deal with your big kids rising up on them, bringing guns to school, and killing the teachers….if I were a teacher I would tell all the parents to try it for a day. These kids don’t respect teachers, they don’t respect education. These teachers have no way to defend themselves. So I say treat them like a third-world country and don’t give them any education. You don’t want to learn? Kick them out and make them work in sweaty factories to finish out their remaining years working there. Then they’ll be begging to come back to school and act like they have some sense. Better yet, charge kids to go to school. It seems to be working at my college. If people start acting up, charge the kid fees.
A teacher at my school was so tired of cell phones just coming out and none of the kids caring and trying to fight her, that for every phone she had to take she charged $15. That’s what I’m talking about. These bad monster little devils don’t need your sympathy, they need your help.

The question is, where is the root of this evil? Is it in the video games? Television full of shallow girls? Movies like Mean Girls? Parents spoiling their kids?
And take a look at this crap:

Why is this boy even driving? Is he driving his parents’ car? Why The HALL would they be letting him drive the car?! He doesn’t deserve that privilege! Unless he bought it himself….if that’s his parents car, this what I’m talking about. Parents spoiling their kids. After all that bullying, he decides to get drunk and ruin himself further. And where did he get access to alcohol? He’s not of age! Where are the freaking parents? This is crap! They are letting him run all over the place! I wouldn’t let him go anywhere without me if I were one of his parents, and his butt would be home-schooled.

The third root of all evil is:
Stereotypes and Prejudice

This is sickening….and funny. This black dude who is claiming this white guy to be racist is more racist than this white man making all of these false accusations. Now I’m black, but I’m not one of those black people who care about white people saying “what up my ni**A” or nothing like that to me. We live in the 21st Century people; Slavery is over, and the only way to get away from that is to treat people with respect and decency.

But this…this is the result of prejudice-People who hate someone else for no reason when they haven’t even met the person. And this black boy hated this white man just because he was white. He took everything he said and made it into racism. Doesn’t that remind you of the 1950s except reverse? Can’t even ride the bus and have a decent conversation? Only this time it’s the 21st Century…

See, and this gives all black people a bad name…no, this gives all Americans a bad name. People around the world look at this country as a prejudice society, full of hypocrisy and violence. And that little ugly black buy had the nerve to try to hit this old white man who was just trying to be pleasant. What a buttcrack!

This is a common one. But I think this comes from how black people have made themselves to be. They are angry about their history. They are angry about their oppression. And unlike the whites that had parents and grandparents of businesses that helped them have stable homes, the Native Americans nor the African Americans have it, and so they have to start from scratch in a progressive era, still at the bottom of the financial chain. So black people use the only power they feel they have: muscular brawn and fighting words. Though not the most effective way to show strength and power, as noted and seen in the above videos, is the only way blacks have of rising out of their oppression and feeling like powerful human beings.

Unfortunately, it’s those little black “power seekers” of the former generation that make us all look one way:problem-starters. Not all of us are out to show our power in that way. Some of us don’t mind following the leader, and some want to lead a certain group but full of mixtures like me. Some show it financially, educational wise, just like any normal people. But here come the stereotypes. But the stereotypes didn’t come from other races, we created them through our hip-hop and rap videos, through our music, and movies, and television shows that over-dramatized the lives of African Americans, and created a stereotype. Thus, we get the commercial above….

This is another thing that irritates me. If you don’t know about my thoughts on Asians in America, go to some of my older entries…in fact I think it’s the first entry. But Asian Americans are practically ignored in not only politics, as shown in the above poem, but stereotypes about them wave around the American public. Teasing them about their looks, the way immigrants sound, and calling Asian men short and the least desirable men, which is not true because I LOVE ASIAN MEN! Asian men would be my first choice as a woman. Even as a black woman.

Even benevolent stereotypes like Asian people are always smart (which stomps that out if you look at London Tipton from…I can’t think of the show) , Asian people are also associated with Karate and Kung Fu and Martial Arts all the time, and Asian women are associated with cute faces and victory signs….even though these aren’t bad, it limits the roles that Asians play in the Entertainment Industry. People hardly make Asians main characters unless it’s some Martial Arts or Kung-Fu movie. And they REALLY ignore them in the music industry, like BoA and Utada, who have been trying to break into the American markets but get ridicule from Americans….who prefer crappier music…

Not just Asians, but Native Americans! They have it even worse and this is really their country! And when they owned this country there wasn’t anything like the “oil crises” and political “slander”, nothing like that. They got all of their culture wiped away by people who migrated to America and wiped them out because of the American dollar….the ruination of the country and the human race.

People with Down Syndrome and Mental Retardation can’t help the way their born. When I was in school a lot of the kids in LD were teased and bullied. But you know that the majority of LD have now finished college, and those kids that made fun of them are working at McDonalds?
The only problem is American businesses won’t give them a chance to use their degrees. My cousin who has Autism has a Mathematics degree and a PH D. at that….and can’t get any job working as a Math teacher…because of his disability. WTHALL is that? Prejudice. America is still prejudice towards those with mental disabilities. And it’s not right.

This is wrong. This isn’t funny. People who think they look good. Beauty is about perception. In America, white, blonde, and skinny is beautiful, with full lips, big breasts, and nice waists. But in other nations, beauty is different. In fact, the idea of beauty is constantly changing. The good thing about people who feel they are not so attractive is they are humble, and they know they have great personalities. Some people are not bad looking at all. All I have to say is there is something physically ugly about everyone. I’m not going to humiliate people by saying “It matters what’s on the inside”. No. Because this retarded generation only cares about how people look, not about what they can do or contribute to help the world. Talking about how ugly people are is not only a sin, is a crime and people should be punished for it.
As one person puts it, “At least people listen to what me because of what I say, not because of what I look like.”

If stupid fangirls of Justin Bieber actually dropped their superficial act and stop thinking about how he looked, they might actually tune their ears to his music and realize “This is crap!”

Ever watch Carrie? Be careful calling somebody ugly, because they might flap you up and make you ugly!

So that root of all evil is : Thinking you’re good-looking, when no one is.

Now, that is today’s root of all evil. Notice I didn’t mention being gay in the prejudice section….it’s because I’m doing a whole different entry on it.


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