What has happened to the Entertainment Industry for youth?

14 Jun

I just have to address several issues that I am having with the entertainment industry. I know many people won’t agree with what I have to say, but this has been irritating me to no end. I am still fairly young, I’m only 20. BUT I feel that gives me an edge on seeing the entertainment industry for what it is. The American youth are the biggest supporters of today’s entertainment industry. I just have several concerns about them that I think are ruining the industry.


While music has been sucking more and more due to the introduction of new age pop music in the 80s, and more “electrified” sounds have entered into the music (nearly replacing good old instruments), and over-exposure with music videos, but nothing could compare to the over-use of it in today’s pop and hip-hop music. These “synthesizers” have always been around, and meant to improve the voice, but they are getting out of control. They sound like aliens. This is not improving their voices, it’s making it sound worse. It sounds like the computer is doing all the singing. Take this song for example:

This is the problem. We can’t hear his real voice, so how do we even know he knows how to sing? People tell me to look it up on youtube, and you’ll see his real voice. But you shouldn’t have to go on a website to see if he really has a voice and can sing. Isn’t that what being a singer is all about? singing? And some people have the nerve to say, “It doesn’t matter, he can use autotunes to do it.” Let me tell you why that ruins the entertainment industry. Now, no one needs talent to become a singer anymore. So guess what that means? Everyone in the world can become a singer without even knowing how to sing. How? Autotunes will cover up your imperfections, so you don’t have to try at all. I rarely see anyone hitting high notes anymore. Some people say it’s the sign of the 21st Century, but everything we invent is not progress. We might as well let robots dance in our videos instead of us, because that’s what it sounds like. In fact, this may decrease the quality of the industry, and decrease the pay because if everyone can get paid to sing, who will be famous?

Let me not get started on the lyrics. It makes no sense anymore. I don’t think people care about music anymore. They care about money and fame.

Another thing I don’t like is this “Gaga” craze. Now i have nothing against the singer personally. I think she’s talented, she knows how to sing, and she is entertaining. However, what I do have a problem is that she is a craze. The problem is the fans, the young fans (which I’ll discuss at another time), KEEP comparing other artists to her. Even other artists that have been here LONG before her. Take Christina Aguilera for example:


Guess what some people in the comments section had the nerve to say? She is trying to be like Lady Gaga! WHAT THE FOOL! Everybody is not trying to be like that woman. In fact, Aguilera has been here 10 years longer! To me, Lady Gaga is not original. Though I know Aguilera has never been creative, and has always imitated other people’s trends, everyone is a rip-off. Gaga person? She is another rip-off Madonna, another rip-off Gwen Stefani. But this young and naive generation can’t remember that far back, so they think she is the most creative talent on the planet. And now, no other pop artist has a shot. Not even Britney Spears can come out with an album without being compared to Gaga, which doesn’t make any sense! Though Britney is partially to blame, as she made the idea of “craze”. But it didn’t hold back other artists.

Another problem I have with youth and music industry, which has always been a problem since the days of Elvis, but now more than ever it’s a concern, is the fact that people get famous just for being “cute” *cough Beiber cough*. Unlike Elvis who actually produced unique music, and a new form of dance, Beiber has not contributed anything to the music industry. He uses synthesizers in his music, which is putting all of his singing talent to waste, because we don’t even know his highest potential, and his lyrics are so cliche they make me ignore his songs altogether. Not to say that we haven’t had that in the 21st Century before, what with Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter, but at least it was blatantly obvious that they were cliche. Aaron Carter didn’t last long. Jesse is struggling, hanging on to Kingdom Hearts. But Beiber? I went to all kinds of message boards that say he is cute, and for the first time I began to ponder, since when did music become a modeling industry? People are so concerned with looks, that they pass up people with real talent just because they don’t look good, but choose this “Beiber” guy who is not unique, not original, and his talents are not uncommon. Another way to ruin the music industry is for it to be solely judged on “looks” and not the key word: music!

The result is…I’ll give you a scenario. My cousin, who is a poor singer, said this to me, “I want to be a singer, so I can be famous.” And I laughed. I said, “Well first you have to know how to sing. you should take some lessons.” What does she tell me? “No you don’t. They have autotunes. I downloaded the software and people said they liked it…” This is the sad reality of our music industry. Not to dog my cousin out, but that’s pretty sad.

Take into consideration this scenario: Paris Hilton

I’m doing a part-two…..I’m too annoyed to continue…

It’s no wonder why I’ve gone international in AFRICA! At least those people don’t fall into mainstream…

And take a look at this:

This is what I feel about him and all the other artists of today’s generation: BULL CRAP!


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