Fan Girls vs Fanboys (Mortal Combat, Beiber, Twilight)

10 Jun

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Yea, this topic is something that came up while I was watching THIS trailer:

This is awesome, but fanboys will tell you differently.

But I’ve noticed that none can beat the horrifying fangirls.

Let me tell you what irritates me about fangirls. And I’m going to address them first because these girls are ridiculous. Last month, I went to a Greyson Chance video on youtube just to listen, and backed him up by saying he is totally different from Justin Beiber. This one crazed fan girl (who claimed she wasn’t a fan, yea right) went all the way to PM on youtube about how wrong I was to bash Beiber. WTF. These stupid fangirls act like they know him when they don’t. They are so BLINDED by their fandom that they don’t realize that the dude is singing a bunch of cliche songs, hasn’t even reached puberty so we don’t know what he’ll sound like in a couple of years. They are so blinded by their fandom, that they can’t properly criticize an artist for their talent when they actual make a wrong turn. NOOOO, they’ll support that person anyway, even if the next CD SUCKS! It’s the same way with Twilight. you properly criticize the book, and you have a bunch of fangirls ripping your neck out even if you didn’t bash any characters but didn’t like a part of the story. It’s ridiculous. The females have no self-control anymore. They are INSANE. They chase them, they grab at them, they fight over who’s going to marry who….it’s RIDICULOUS! None of you are so get a grip! you’ve been watching too much Hannah Montana to think that an average girl is going to date a celebrity. All over some guy who will be forgotten in the next three years when someone else comes along. And it’s not just the fact that they really, really like something, but the people they like can have no talent, but be liked for their looks. These "females" (hordes of monsters, I should say) made the music industry lose what it was all about: music. Now it’s about LOOKS! wtf? Is this now about modeling? And with movies, now the actors can be garbage, and it won’t matter as long as the person looks good. This leads me to one conclusion: fangirls ruined our media. No one can properly criticize without a stupid fangirl saying on youtube "you’re a f-ing loser, I’m going to kill your mother.." Like how retarded is that? That’s INSANE. Fangirls make me hate to hate and hate to love. I could never get into Twilight or Beiber mostly because of the ridiculous fanbase. They are big turn-offs.

The one good thing about female fans is they will support something heart and soul no matter how stupid it looks. even if clear evidence proves that something is going to suck, they are still going to support it in hopes of improving it, which is okay. But nothing in this world is that serious. In fact, everything dies.

But that’s less than I could say about fan boys. Today I saw the trailer to Mortal Combat (yes! it’s here!). I saw both of the two movies that came out in the 90s. The 2nd sucked, but the first actually kept to the games, so I don’t think it was that bad. BUT this looks awesome. But there are a couple of "fanboys" who make a big stink about it.

Unlike fangirls, who are so obsessed over something that they can’t take criticism, fanboys can be so obsessed with something that they criticize anything that’s not like the original. It can be a movie adaptation, an anime, a cartoon, a CD, that wasn’t like the original, and you will hear a bunch of fanboys complaining "This is f-ing retarded…his beard is three quarters of an inch lighter than it was in the game". Who the buck is paying that close attention to what shade his beard is? "Oh, this character isn’t in it? It sucks already!" you haven’t even seen the movie, read the sequel, watched the anime, etc. This is the synopsis or trailer. And just because they eliminated one character (who was usually pointless in the original) doesn’t mean it sucks. Boys will look only at the trailer and judge it before they even see the movie! It’s like dude! This is why males are not being represented on the tv anymore. Why Disney has totally wiped them off….because they would criticize every idea Disney has until Disney says "Oh F**k, let’s skip the boys and worry only about the girls because they will support anything as long as it has so and so…" Men will like it one day, and hate it the next. The first episode might be awesome to them, but the second episode "Oh it’s not as awesome as the first episode because they didn’t use this weapon. It stinks now." And then when Disney tried to make a channel just for the boys, who complained about Disney Channel being too girls, they complained about THAT! "Disney XD f-ed up Naruto! I hate Disney XD now!" I mean seriously. There are other shows on there, like Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But wait "Too many fangirls like Fresh Prince! Will smith sucks now!" Ridiculous….The one good things about males though is that they aren’t insane…they actually do know how to criticize. They just criticize too much and unreasonably. Their conclusions come before any final copies are made.

So all I can say is, if you’re going to be a supporter of something, be a reasonable, rational supporter, not one that is so obsessed that they support garbage when they know something has reached it’s peak. Then and only then, will we begin to have quality again in the music industry, movie industry, and television, and even literature. Until then….fangirls and fanboys will ruin the whole entertainment industry and anyone who feeds into them…I blame internet for letting people have a say-so…..

~Over and Out~



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