Saturday Night Live with…Kenan Thompson! All my 90s kids know!

10 May

Yesterday was my b-day…odd…I’m 20 now…I’m an identical twin, so I’ve always had to share this day. But I’ve never felt I had to share this day with all the mothers in the United Sttes…lol I always thought about this about twins. It is interesting, but I realized it’s possible for twins to be born on two different days and two different years. If one twin is born on December 31, at 11:59 or 12:00 Midnight, and the other twin was born a minute or two later on January 1 at 12:01 AM, the twins would therefore be born on two different days, and in two different years….

So anyway, this is not about that really. This is about a new phenomenon that has been going around, and yes it represents progress into the OLD DAYS!! which, as you know, excites me. KENAN IS BACK except this time, he has taken his talents to SNL or commonly known as Saturday Night Live. And he is making the show I’ll have you know. I enjoy some of his skits such as the We Are the World skit, Scared Straight skit, and Fix It skit. But nothing could compare (and everyone will agree) with the phenomenon known as What Up Wit Dat! Check it out!

























~Over and Out~




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