My stories Part II

21 Apr



Bad Dreams
Synopsis: There are bad dreams in every mind, ones we have in our sleep, those we hold as ambitions, and some we see as illusions when we are awake. The Bad Dreams facility is an organization that specializes in helping people overcome those negative dreams, and helping people find themselves, giving us concious awareness. Follow the organization through time, lands, and dimensions as they investigate and solve the mysteries of our negative dreams.

If you don’t remember my old stories:

The Essence of/was/would be (Three Volumes)
Synopsis: Kollin, age 11, knows he’s not a normal little boy. He has super human powers that he can’t explain. This power gives him the ability to peer into the minds and dreams of anyone in his area through his own dreams, causing him to hold the burdens of many people. One day, he gets dreams about someone that knows him that he isn’t familiar with. Kollin is determined to find out who it is. In the process, Kollin finds himself in a world of science, and in a tumultuous battle for power among all the leaders of society.

The Lesson Learned
Synopsis: 11 year olds Ben, Brent, Brandon, and Bill are four boys who live a pretty grand life. They are all the most popular boys in school. Ben is a true ladies’ man. Brent is a jock. Brandon is the smartest boy in school. And Bill-is a daredevil. But the boys’ world turn topsy-turvy when they meet four witches, The Hutchinson Sisters, who show them just how small their world really is….and who the world REALLY surrounds.

The Legend of the Hutchinson Sisters
Synopsis: From the story The Lesson Learned, comes the sequel. The boys, Ben, Brent, Bill, and Brandon are now in college. 18, and a Freshman, College life comes with it’s normal ups and downs for the boys, but the boys are much more interested in finding the girls they haven’t seen since they were 11: the Hutchinson Sisters. The boys’ research leads to a large adventure and discoveries galore as the realize the many legends that unfold the mystery and secret behind the girls’ past.

An Eye Witness (Margaret’s story and Michael’s Story)
Synopsis 1: Through the diary of Margaret, we see a world that is full of drama, a world full of confusion, and a world full of turmoil and trials. 18 year old Margaret observes the world around her, and writes the accounts in her journal. She notices her sister is a follower, her friend is "cheap". Her family are sell-outs. And her life is one big drab, unhappy ending, with many secrets and loopholes in it’s place. Margaret feels that she’s different from everyone else, and feels lonely because of it. But as Margaret tries to calculate and sort through her life, she finds the meaning behind her life….and discovers just how different-and similar-she is to the world.

Synopsis 2: 43 year old Michael is living the life of the perfect bachelor. He has women galore. He is living in the city of lights: Paris. And he’s a successful and famous writer and author. Of course to Michael, life is one big story for him to complete, and every story comes to him as a game….until he meets one woman and her son who change his life forever. Life just got a little more serious for Michael!

Villain Gang
Ever get tired of the Heroes winning all the time? Good, because so is the Villain Gang, a well-known group of kid thugs who form their own villain alliance to fight righteousness, good, and justice, and establish their own order and power in the neighborhood. Join Viper, Ice Breaker, Lazy, Lightning, Anchor, and Nightmare as they fight good, and serve their community just what they feel it deserves.

These are my stories! Hope you like them! OH! And don’t forget to watch Clean House starting on April 21st! I’m going to be on it!!!!!

~Over and Out~


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