Lyrics Set it off, Mind Control, Rhythm, Desire, The Jungle

8 Apr

Alright, I’ve risen out of my shydom to have the courage to post some of my wn lyrics. I only sing them to myself, and have no desire to pursue a music or acting career (anymore), though I’ve taken classes and was in college for both at one time. So here’s some lyrics. PLEASE: WARNING: ALL MATERIAL INCLUDING TITLE, EVERYTHING WRITTEN, AND EVERYTHING POSTED DEALING WITH THIS MUSIC AND THE LYRICS ARE EXCLUSIVELY MINE, WRITTEN BY ME, AND COPYRIGHTED BY ME. THANK YOU SIGNED BY: LAUREN HENDERSON.


Okay lyrics number 1

Set it off

1 for the money
2 for the show
3 to get ready
4 come on let’s go

The curtain calls up
when I say enough
Enough is Enough
I’ll say it, say it, I’ll say it

It’s time for the show
I’m letting yall know
When I hit this floor
you can’t take it, take it, you can’t take it

Everybody here
I’ll make you disappear
Like magic KAPOOF!
If you’re not in my presence

I’m taking control
Before I let you go
Don’t nag at me oh no
Don’t ask me any questions

Breathe in and out, in out, in outx2
Breathe let it go, let go, let go
Breathe let go now it’s time for the show

1 fr the money
2 for the show
3 to get ready
4 t let go
Set it off (the music’s playing and it reaches my soul)
Set it off (the music’s playin and I just can’t let go)
Set it off (the music’s playin and it’s getting it’s way)
Set it off (when it plays then the music will play)
Set it off…uh-uh it offx4

The crowd they all cheer
When they hear I’m near
They call out my name
They want me, want me, they want me

They’re singing my song
Like a sing-a-long
An obvious notion
They love it, love it, they love it

Everybody shout
I’m screaming out loud
Elevating, hah!
If they can handle it

The curtain will close
But after I expose
The magic of the show
Where do I begin


(mic off) Hey…HEY!!

Curtain call!
Open the door
Can’t you see my friends they keep wanting some more
See my name blink in the lights!
Makes you so blind because it’s so bright!

Do you want it, want it, SCREAM if you want it! x4



Mind Control

Everybody sit up, here me out
I’m bout to tell you what it’s all about

Move back who do you think you are
you’re too soft so I’m going to have to get hard

Well all this anger builds inside of you
Somebody’s trying to get inside your mind
Just tryin to get under your skin
And it happens all the time

Can you take it?
No I can’t take it x4
Then I’ll say this

You can’t break me, shake me, set your
Mind Control, Mind Control
You can’t hold me, set your crazy
Mind Control, Mond Control
you said it x4
Now let it go
you said it x4
Now let it go

*I have the rest* 😉 only a sample! haha!



dodododododododo dodododododododo x4

why the…you take sanity? x3

Move all around, everyone who’s with me we go
Everyone who cares, I know you all will think so

Live, and about, listen to this sound just move
Place your hand on mine and let your body let it loose

Move to this beat

Everyone today, let’s stop out tonite today
Everyone today, go dododododododo
And take it all away

Move to this beat

Playin all the games tonite, if you wanna start the party, let’s go
Yes, oh, it’s alright
go dododododododo
And play all the games all night
Move to this beat

Here it when you see me, everyone who’s with me, we go uh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh
Just catch em as I see em
Hypnotizing madness
What it always says you have to
dododododododo, dodododododododododododododox2

*The rest is mine* 😉 Again! haha!




The Jungle


It’s a jungle out there
But they really don’t care, get in
In the Jungle
It’s a jungle out there
If you wanna give a care
get in it


The Jungle, get in it, get in it, The Jungle x4




I’m at house party next door and the music doesn’t reach my ears The little girl next door keeps tellin me stuff I don’t really wanna hear


Well, as a matter of fact the people in the ‘hood keep tellin me to follow rules Well, I’m sick of those people next door and the people I hear in school


It’s time for me to rev it up I wanna do my own thing Is it not enough to give me trust, that’s why I’m bout to sing I’ma take the spotlight for a chance Cuz now I’m hiting the streets you can tell that I ain’t the same And this is how it’s about to be From now on! so yea sing it


chorus I desire To go out to the mall and shop til I drop today My desire Is to do what I want nobody standing in my way Let’s desire We’re at the house party and we’re gonna let the music play, play, play Just let the music play


Little Body next door is gettin kinda cute And the girls are spreadin the news I try to fix my hair in all the latest styles, tryin to find a new hair-do


Well, me and buddy been friends for a long time, those girls don’t stand a chance But he’s become such an arrogant soul he won’t give me a second glance


you think I’m just your average girl How stupid can you be I was average to believe in you I feel so naive


I’m seeing things change so much Inside and out I feel like I’m going up and down and I don’t know what it’s about But




Just take your youth while you still can But I’m tire of hearing that, what am I supposed to do Don’t use your heart, just use your head Stop nagging at me I got things I got things I gotta get through


Gotta do what I want to do, but I don’t know what I want, that’s the price you pay for trying to grow up (yea yea)




Okay, so I hope you all think the lyrics are clever and fun! I like clever lyrics. I’m largely inspired from the Spice Girls and BoA for my music. I wish I had some instruments to make the music…but I like singing them just fine, so….


~Over and Out~


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