Charanalysis: Target: Kohane (XXXHolic)

20 Mar

This is another one of my charanalysis!

yes the target is: Kohane Tsuyuri


Kohane Tsuyuri, though isn’t particularly a "main character" as she doesn’t show up as often as others, she deserves some recognition as an important part to the XXXHolic world.

Kohane grew up in a hostile household after she told her mother that her father was having an affair, and revealed this to her mother with her powers. Afterwards, her mother snapped, controlling Kohane’s fame, foods, clothes, speech, oh everything! Talk about controlling parent! Reminds me of my mother….

Kohane’s affairs were placed on her mother, and Kohane felt responsible. Kohane is a spirit medium who sees the spirits and also got the ability to exorcise them…from a certain person from a different manga…a certain spin-off…

Anywho, I really am impressed with this character. She has the solemn look on her face of a serious child that needs life. Watanuki takes her in and tries to give her a good time. Watanuki is a boy who visits Yuuko’s shop after being chased by spirits and forms a bond with Yuuko after she helps him (with a price of course). Yuko is the owner of a mysterious shop that grants the wishes and desires of anyone who enters, the essence of the story… Kohane wishes for Yuko to help her life, and it is granted with the price of a certain item she had that gave her exorcising abilities, though she can still see spirits, which makes her and Watanuki’s relationship special….

Personally, I loved her as a cute young girl. She was such an inspiration to one of my characters. She was so intelligent, and so honest, and good at what she did. she had to endure the life of a celebrity at an early age. She doesn’t seem to particularly care about fame, and just wants others to be happy, particularly her mother.

This character, along with other characters in XXXHolic, are the reasons I love XxXHolic so much. It is such an inspiration. She is like an adult in the body of a child. And I think that is unique compared to most shonen and shojo, who have tried to attempt it, but in the first place, the adults acted immature….

Well, hope you enjoyed this, and keep watching for updates on animejournal.

~Over and Out~


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