Utada @House of Blues Chicago “In the Flesh” Tour!!!!

13 Feb

Utada \"In the Flesh\" TOUR 2010 @House of Blues Chicago
Hello, everyone! Okay, hop-skip-jump to what I was supposed to post earlier today, but got so busy, and was just so tired…..


Because yesterday, I went to see UTADA LIVE IN CHICAGO AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES!!!!!!!! WOOT!WOOT!

Yes, I am so happy! Of course, I still have burning regret inside myself for not seeing the Spice Girls when I had the chance….but this was just awesome!!! I mean, how many times does a famous Japanese singer TOUR in America? Not many. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe she was right in front of me, in person, "In The Flesh" (that was the title of her tour). I hope a DVD comes along with it. I saw them recording her, so maybe, just maybe….seeing her in person was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I mean, Spice Girls are pretty darn famous, they can still come back, though they’re older now…but Utada was one of those singers that I might never see again. She might fly her behind back to Japan like BoA did and NEVER return.

So, of course I know you’re wanting to know how the concert went, or maybe you’re not because you’re mad you couldn’t go, but I would rate the concert a whopping: (drumroll please):

9/10 STARS.

I know, you’re like, why not 10? 10 means perfect, right? Well, first off, I have to say, it has nothing to do with her or her performance. She did spectacular! She met the demands of all the fans. She played songs from her two English albums "Exodus" and "This is the One." And she happened to play my favorite songs from that album too. And she played them exactly as she did in Japan. She played Exodus’ Devil Inside and Kremlin Dusk like she would normally. BUT GUESS WHAT? She also played some old and new Japanese songs! I was ecstatic and so was everyone else! See, she’s making all the right moves now.
Playlist included:*SPOILER ALERT!!!!*
1)On and On
3)Passion/Sanctuary mix (it was bilingual!!! yay!!!)
5)First Love
6)Come Back To Me
7)Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence-FYI
8)Devil Inside
9)Kremlin Dusk
10)You Make Me Want to Be a Man
11)Sakura Drops
12)Can You Keep a Secret?
13)Stay Gold
14)One other song I didn’t recognize…but it was hardcore, and Japanese.
15)This One (Crying Like a Child)
16)Dirty Desire (her latest single, and the title song of the evening because of the verse "in the flesh")
17)Apple and Cinnamon
18)Simple and Clean
19)Me Muero

I’m tryin to remember if she played Heart Station or not, but she played one song from the album.

She pretty much played at least one song from each album, though she played more from her latest album. The only thing missing was songs from Ultra Blue. She didn’t play any from there, and that’s one of my favorite albums. So, that was disappointing, but hey, at least she came, and at least she played some Japanese songs. I was also hoping to hear Flavor of Life, Prisoner of Love, Addicted to You, Traveling, Colors, and Wait and See. I was really hoping she would sing Keep Trying or Blue from Ultra Blue. But, hey, I don’t want to sound like a complainer. What gave this concert a 9 and not a 10 was for two reasons:
1)NO MERCHANDISE. How can we show off to our friends about the concert without merchandise? I know it was a small venue, which Utada was right on her blog when she said it was intimate, because I felt one with Utada. But come on! We want t-shirts, and posters, and CDs, and just the works to take hom as souvenirs.
2)She didn’t play anything from Ultra Blue as mentioned above. I would’ve hoped that she played at least one song from all her albums, but she kind of skipped over Ultra Blue like it didn’t exist. I guess because it was her lowest selling…

So all in all, it was fabulous. It was standing room, so my legs were sore when I got home. But hey, it was like going to a club. I was on the main floor, there were drinks all around, and I was dancing and partying all night long until midnight. Plus it was 18 and older, so…ya know.

There were people from Japan there and I don’t think they were used to Americans’ way of "shouting out nonsense." Neither were they used to our loud exotic screams. Utada said our concerts are like riots, which is different from Japan. They listen to the whole discussion or song, and then clap at the end, with a couple of nice shouts. We interrupt, and scream crazy stuff, and make a ruckus. but that’s Chicago and America. We know how to party!

One guy had to be stoned (drunk). He was leaning over the balcony, singing just about every song, and in a dramatic way that took the attention off Utada. Utada had to turn and smile at him. He was dancing really funny and leaning over the balcony, I thought he was going to fall over. lol hahahaha! I had a good time. Well, I hope she comes back to town. And maybe BoA will too. I want to see them all. yay!

Well, just being animejournal keeping you updated with all the latest in anime networking whether it be music, shows, movies, art, lifestyle, or literature.

Hey, don’t you hate it when people who don’t like a singer as much as you do is standing in front of you, and you can’t see YOUR favorite singer perform? I hate that. It’s like, if you don’t like her that much, take your place in the back, and let the fans who really like her move to the front. Man, I hate people! JK 😉

Okay here are my pictures. They’re jacked up, but hey, at least it’s living proof I was there. There were no cameras allowed, so my camera phone compensated….and it sucks, especially with my shaky excited hands…

~Over and Out~


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