The Tekken Movie Trailer (2010)

25 Jan

Okay, if you haven’t heard, it looks like the Tekken movie, after many postponed dates, is finally coming out in March 2010 in Japan, and in the Summer for America. Yay! It’s going to be created by Crystal Sky Pictures and Arad Productions. The same creators as Spider-man and the Bratz movie…

Well now the trailer has been released. Let’s check it out shall we?

This is a teaser everybody. My opinion?
It actually looks like a Tekken video game trailer if you ask me. Ignore the comments. I think they are just a little hesitant because many video game movies that deal with fighting fail to meet the standards of fans (The Legend of Chun-Li, remember? Check that out in the older entries). And so, I ask all of you to never judge a movie before you watch it.

Yes, many video games don’t always deserve a movie, but this actually looks interesting to me. I don’t see what’s bad about it. It looks good. Better than most. It actually has the fighting styles, the characters, and the King of Iron Fist.

Wait…I do see a problem. Is that Christie kissing Jin? That, for some reason, disturbs me. I’ve always seen Christie as Eddie’s partner. When it comes to Jin…nah…mabe Ling Xiaoyu? But definitely NOT Christie…They are like…peas and carrots…okay, maybe like bananas and chicken? Apples and chocolate? This isn’t working, they all sound good. But anyway, they are different. They just don’t mix. And it NEVER happened in the game AT ALL> There was never any HINT of it.

This is my ONE concern with this movie, and the future of movies in America. It is disturbing me lately with all the blockbuster films. But most of the box office hits seem to be leaning towards the "male audience." Which isn’t a bad thing, because at least they aren’t boring anymore. Romance bores me. But that also means that many of the women are just thrown into a movie just to be eye-candy, create a meaningless sex scene, and be the love interest. Aside from that, why does there HAVE to be romance in every movie? Tekken, I feel, is one movie that could’ve done well without it. Transformers, to me, the girl was pointless, lets face it. But, having her was okay. Wolverine could’ve been better without the girl lover. It is actually becoming more annoying than interesting.

And so, I expect that this movie will be no different. BUT that also strays a little away from the ACTUAL story, which makes me worry about how far the REST of the story will stray. One thing about movies is you can’t expect the movie to be EXACTLY like the game, because then no one will buy the game. You know that, right? But you also hope when you go into the movie that what you paid for was something that gives you that same Tekken feeling. I think this will, but seeing Christie with Jin is not only amusing but..just odd and out-of-place in the Tekken world.

Oh, well. At least it’s Rated R. That means they won’t be holding back blood, guts, and it might look real. That’s says Tekken feeling to me.Though it is Rated Teen in the game…

Also, lets remembers that movies means the editing of characters. Not that I mind. Tekken 4 missed several…

~Over and Out~


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