Ninja Warrior on G4TV

25 Jan

It’s hard for me to sink it into my head, but, OMG itis 2010!!! I didn’t even have a tribute to the new decade! It has been 10 years since Y2k! yay! Remember when everyone thought 2000 would be the end of the world, and started collecting canned goods.

I was just remembering a show that I used to watch everyday on G4 called Ninja Warrior. Aside from X-Play, Cheaters,and Cops, Ninja Warrior was what kept me from changing that channel.

Ninja Warrior is no wack cartoon, like Naruto. It isn’t some crazy video game. It isn’t just a reality show trying to show you how to be a ninja. This is REAL ninjitsu. This show is like a GAME SHOW. The obstacle course may seem easy at first, but really, it is intense. There is also an Unbeatable Bonzuke which is from the same creators. It’s fun, but hard. VERY DIFFICULT. Here’s an idea. Remember, this is on G4, so check your local listings. This is live in Japan.

Yea, just an idea. There’s the Women’s Ninja Warrior, the American Ninja Warrior, and the regular. It’s pretty darn addictive. The funny parts are the wipe-outs. Whats funny is when the little 12 year olds win lol This show NEVER gets old. And it teaches you so much about Japan…which is how to show your stuff Japanese style! haha!



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